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born 7th February, 2014


HD-free, ED-free, OCD-free, Patellaluxation-free, CEA/PRA/Kat.-free and full scissors bite

Recommended for breeding FCI/VDH


Pearl is Mother of:
















































































End of May 2014

Our Pearl is soooo big already and obviously uses her moments of sleep to GROW!
























































November 2014

 She has been enrolled in a Man-trailing course and has also endured her first show! She was awarded "Very PromisingYoungster".


October 2014

Little Pearl is now 8 months old and not so little anymore! The months have past and she has grown into quite a beauty. Her coat has lightened up (as young Beardie coats do), but the texture is fantastc and easy to groom.












...practising "stand" for show....

















....and playing with Mommy-Audrey!





May 2014

Pearl enjoyed a visit from her sister Lizzy. They played so sweetly with each other and afterwards, they were kaputt!





















































...and here, a mini Dickens' Reunion at the show in Hannover...

from left to right:  Bonnie, 4 months old "Full of the Dickens Not Guilty", Audrey and 3 of her daughters, Pearl, Lola & Motte.















February 7, 2015

Pearl is 1 year old today!






























May 2016

    2 Jahre und 3 Monate alt

"Wee" Pearl ihas turned into a real Lady! Her dark, rich brown coat is beginning to come back, after the fading-out-phase and she is 20 & 3/4 " tall!































Pearl's Pedigree


June 2016

Pearl has something in "the oven"........












VDHCh. Sammara Make A Move Ch. Blenmerrow Dream Maker Of Sammara Ch. Pipadene News Review
Sammara Out Of A Dream At Blenmerrow
Ch. Sammara Out Of The Blue Potterdale Politician
Ch. Desborough Destiny Of Sammara
Casanova's Game, Set & Match Ch. Synvillans Power Quest Ch. Barkleys Quest for Fame
Ch. Woolpack's Power of Love
Casanova's Dancing Queen Ejgd.Sgr.96 Pepperjay Adventure Story
Casanova's Beautiful Noise



March 2017

Pearl sniffing the "l'air de woods"...

















May 2017

"....won something!!"





April 2017

Pearl has the most intensive radiance of calm. I love this girl so much.







































May 2019

Pearl is no real fan from getting a brush, but she likes to photographed afterwards!












Mai 2014

After the last siblings had flown-the-coop, Pearl noticed that something was different. Then she had taken up her playtime with Mommy-Audrey and now they love to play with each other, hours long!

Pearl is a clever girl and easy to teach. Mostly a sharp "no" or a "grrr" will keep her from doing naughty things.

She has also been to Dog-training (Puppy class) a few times and learns quickly, what she has to do.

We love our chocolate-girl!

My Funny Valentine

brown-white Girl