We aim to breed healthy, beautiful, true-to-standard Bearded Collies with strong type. Of course, we are very proud when a Beardie, which was bred by us, does well in the show ring. But rather a lovely character and health are the most important features of our bred Beardies.





Our puppies are reared in the house. They are born next to the sofa in the living room.

Right from the beginning, they experience all the daily sounds of the house and it’s inhabitants: vacuum cleaner, TV, radio, the clanging of pots and pans as well as live music – singing, piano playing, violin…










At 4 weeks of age, they are moved into the conservatory (Wintergarten). Very beneficial in the winter months when the days are short.. They still get natural light. Even on the darkest of days







The puppies have no lack of  experience with children! Daily (from the 4th week) are visits from neighbour children and future owners with their own children. They also have contact with adult dogs. As well, by the time they go to their new homes they have had many car-riding experiences.









We give much time and thought to the puppies’ socialisation before they are “given up for adoption”. We just want the best for our puppies and wish for them the most loving and active families or singles.









Beardies are a lively and intelligent breed of dog. They are reasonably easy to train – given they’ve enjoyed a good start (socialisation) in the first 9-10 weeks. They just want to please and be near their people.

They can also learn to stay alone. Sometimes that not avoidable, but we don’t want to give our Beardie babies into an environment when they are expected to remain daily, hours long on their own.

That is why we are fairly particular in our interviews with future puppy owners . We ask personal questions about their lifestyle and daily routines. It sounds hard, but it’s important to know that our Beardies will have only the best.                                         


The puppies are vaccinated, micro-chipped and have VDH (German Kennel Club) papers.   We would be happy to talk with you so please fell free to give us a call. +49 (0) 4133 4451


Coat care:






A Beardie brings lots of  “souvenirs” into the house (twigs, sand, earth, burs…) from walks and, basically, his time spent outdoors.

It has to be made clear, that a Beardie needs grooming. One time in the week, one spends approx. 40-60 minutes with grooming an adult dog (depending on coat type).

That’s why it is so important to train the young puppy to give us his attention and patience. From the first day, accustom the puppy, holding him on your lap and brushing him with a soft brush. Begin with just a few minutes daily and then gradually increase the length of the sessions.

A firm, consequent but loving hand is necessary for this.

A Bearded Collie is not a breed for everyone.

But anyone who’s been smitten by the gentle eyes of a Beardie can never want another dog breed other than a Beardie!





 Beardies on vacation


We offer help where we can and offer support to our puppy buyers when there are questions or problems.

Our Beardies live in the house with us as valued family members.

They enjoy a 3000 square meter yard to play in, but also come with us daily on long walks, regardless of the weather.

They have learned to conduct themselves properly in restaurants, stores, hotels and come with us periodically on vacation.